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VeTk Semiconductor is a leading company focused on manufacturing Aluminum Oxide Ceramics. They have a strong R&D team and emphasize continuous innovation to overcome technical challenges and enhance the technology of Aluminum Oxide Ceramics. By introducing advanced production equipment and implementing a strict quality management system, they ensure that every step, from raw material procurement to final products, meets high-quality standards. Customer satisfaction is their priority, and they strive to provide superior Aluminum Oxide Ceramic solutions to global customers, aiming to create long-term value for their success.

The Aluminum Oxide Ceramic of VeTek Semiconductor has following prominent advantages:

1. excellent insulating properties: Aluminum Oxide Ceramic have high resistivity and excellent insulating properties, can effectively isolate and protect semiconductor devices, prevent current leakage and interference in the circuit, to ensure the stability and reliability of the equipment.

2. Excellent high temperature resistance: Aluminum Oxide Ceramic are able to work stably in high temperature environments, and can usually withstand temperatures of hundreds of degrees Celsius, which is very important for semiconductor equipment that requires long-time high-temperature operation of the components.

3. good chemical stability: Aluminum Oxide Ceramic have good chemical inertia, acid and alkali and other chemicals have a high resistance to corrosion, which makes it in the semiconductor manufacturing process is not easy to be chemically eroded, to help maintain the long-term stability of the equipment and service life.

4. Excellent mechanical properties:Despite being a ceramic material, Aluminum Oxide Ceramic also have relatively high mechanical strength and hardness, and are able to withstand a certain degree of physical impact and stress, which is particularly suitable for semiconductor equipment components requiring high precision and high stability.

5. Good processability and precision:Aluminum Oxide Ceramic can be molded, sintered and processed into complex shapes and precise sizes of components with high surface finish, suitable for the manufacture of semiconductor equipment in the package substrate, insulation layer and other key components.

The applications of VeTek Semiconductor's Aluminum Oxide Ceramic materials in the solar and semiconductor industries mainly include:

Cavity protection material

Aluminum Oxide Ceramic have excellent chemical stability, thermal stability, mechanical properties, and electrical properties, which makes Aluminum Oxide Ceramic effective as protective materials to protect equipment from chemical, thermal, mechanical and electrical damage, ensuring long-term stable operation and efficient operation of the equipment.

Plasma equipment

Aluminum Oxide Ceramic have excellent high temperature resistance, chemical stability, electrical insulation and good mechanical properties, so they are widely used as structural materials and protective materials in plasma equipment to ensure stable and reliable operation of equipment in complex working environments.

Wafer polishing process

Aluminum Oxide Ceramic have high hardness and good thermal stability and electrical insulation, so they are very suitable as polishing disc materials in wafer polishing processes. Aluminum Oxide Ceramic can protect wafers from mechanical wear and chemical erosion, thereby improving the accuracy and stability of polishing.

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As a professional Aluminum Oxide Ceramics manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory. Whether you need customized services to meet the specific needs of your region or want to buy advanced and durable Aluminum Oxide Ceramics made in China, you can leave us a message.
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