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SiC substrate producers commonly use a crucible design with a porous graphite cylinder for the hot field process. This design increases the evaporation area and charge volume. A new process has been developed to address crystal defects, stabilize mass transfer, and enhance SiC crystal quality. It incorporates a seedless crystal tray fixation method for thermal expansion and stress relief. However, limited market supply of crucible graphite and porous graphite poses challenges to the quality and yield of SiC single crystals.

Key Features of VeTek Semiconductor Porous Graphite:

1.High temperature environment tolerance - The product can withstand the environment of 2500 degrees Celsius, demonstrating excellent heat resistance.

2.Strict porosity control - VeTek Semiconductor maintains tight porosity control, ensuring consistent performance.

3.Ultra-high purity - The porous graphite material used achieves a high level of purity through rigorous purification processes.

4.Excellent surface particle binding capability - VeTek Semiconductor has excellent surface particle binding capability and resistance to powder adhesion.

5.Gas transport, diffusion, and uniformity - The porous structure of graphite facilitates efficient gas transport and diffusion, resulting in improved uniformity of gases and particles.

6.Quality control and stability - VeTek Semiconductor emphasizes high purity, low impurity content, and chemical stability to ensure quality in crystal growth.

7.Temperature control and uniformity - The thermal conductivity of porous graphite enables uniform temperature distribution, reducing stress and defects during growth.

8.Enhanced solute diffusion and growth rate - The porous structure promotes even solute distribution, enhancing the growth rate and uniformity of crystals.

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High Purity Porous Graphite

High Purity Porous Graphite

High Purity Porous Graphite provided by VeTek Semiconductor is an advanced semiconductor processing material. It is made of high-purity carbon material with excellent thermal conductivity, good chemical stability and excellent mechanical strength. This High Purity Porous Graphite plays an important role in the growth process of single crystal SiC. VeTek Semiconductor is committed to providing quality products at competitive prices and looks forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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