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Pyrolytic carbon coating is a thin layer of pyrolytic carbon coated on the surface of highly purified isostatic graphite using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology. It has high density, high purity, and anisotropic thermal, electrical, magnetic, and mechanical properties.

Main features:

● The surface is dense and free of pores.

● High purity, total impurity content<20ppm, good airtightness.

● High temperature resistance, strength increases with increasing usage temperature, reaching the highest value at 2750 ℃,sublimation at 3600 ℃.

● Low elastic modulus, high thermal conductivity, low thermal expansion coefficient, and excellent thermal shock resistance.

● Good chemical stability, resistant to acid, alkali, salt, and organic reagents, and has no effect on molten metals, slag, and other corrosive media. It does not oxidize significantly in the atmosphere below 400 ℃, and the oxidation rate significantly increases at 800 ℃.

● Without releasing any gas at high temperatures, it can maintain a vacuum of 10-7mmHg at around 1800 ℃.

Product application:

● Melting crucible for evaporation in semiconductor industry

● High power electronic tube gate.

● Brush that contacts the voltage regulator.

● Graphite monochromator for X-ray and neutron diffraction.

● Various shapes of graphite substrates and atomic absorption tube coating.

Pyrolytic carbon coating effect under a 500X microscope, with intact and sealed surface.

General physical properties
Item Unit Parallel to coating surface Vertical to coating surface
Bulk density Mg/m³ 2.2 2.2
Hardness HSD 100 ——
Electrical resistivity μΩ·m 2.00~4.00 2~5x103
Thermal expansion coefficient 10-6/K 1.7 28
Tensile strength MPa 98~147 fragile
Young's modulus GPa 29~39
thermal conductivity W/(m·K) 170~420 2~4
*The temperature range of thermal expansion coefficient is RT to 1000 ℃

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PyC Coating Rigid Felt Ring

PyC Coating Rigid Felt Ring

VeTek Semiconductor is a leading manufacturer of customized PyC Coating Rigid Felt Ring in China, specializing in advanced materials for many years. Our PyC Coating Rigid Felt Ring have dense surface and high purity. With 2 laboratories and 12 production lines, thousand-grade and hundred-grade production workshops in our factory, welcome to visit us.

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Pyrolytic Graphite Coated Graphite Elements

Pyrolytic Graphite Coated Graphite Elements

VeTek Semiconductor is a leading supplier of customized Pyrolytic Graphite Coated graphite Elements in China, specializing in advanced materials for many years. Our Pyrolytic Carbon Coated Graphite Parts have dense surfaces and no pores. High purity, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability are the characristic of our PyC coating. Welcome to establish long-term cooperation with us.

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As a professional Pyrolytic Carbon Coating manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory. Whether you need customized services to meet the specific needs of your region or want to buy advanced and durable Pyrolytic Carbon Coating made in China, you can leave us a message.
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