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Pyrolytic Graphite Coated Graphite Elements
  • Pyrolytic Graphite Coated Graphite ElementsPyrolytic Graphite Coated Graphite Elements

Pyrolytic Graphite Coated Graphite Elements

VeTek Semiconductor is a leading supplier of customized Pyrolytic Graphite Coated graphite Elements in China, specializing in advanced materials for many years. Our Pyrolytic Carbon Coated Graphite Parts have dense surfaces and no pores. High purity, high temperature resistance, good chemical stability are the characristic of our PyC coating. Welcome to establish long-term cooperation with us.

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Product Description

The following is the introduction of high quality Pyrolytic Graphite Coated graphite Elements, hoping to help you better understand Pyrolytic Graphite Coated graphite Elements. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with VeTek Semiconductor to create a better future!

VeTek Semiconductor offers Pyrolytic Graphite Coated graphite Elements. PyC coating, a specialized solution designed to enhance the performance and lifespan of graphite components in high-temperature applications. With its unique features and controllable purity, PyC coating provides numerous benefits for industries requiring reliable and durable materials.

Key Features:

1.Excellent High-Temperature Performance: The PyC coating boasts a dense structure, exceptional heat resistance, good thermal conductivity, and wear resistance. Its carbon composition ensures strong adhesion to graphite, effectively sealing residual volatiles within the material and preventing contamination from carbon particles.

2.Controllable Purity: PyC coating can achieve a purity level as low as 5ppm, meeting the stringent requirements of high-purity applications. This guarantees the integrity and cleanliness of the coated components, ensuring optimal performance in sensitive environments.

3.Extended Service Life and Improved Product Quality: By applying PyC coating to graphite components, the service life of these components can be significantly extended. This not only reduces maintenance and replacement costs but also leads to improved overall product quality. Customers can benefit from increased productivity and reduced downtime.

Pyrolytic Graphite Coated graphite Elements from VeTek Semiconductor finds wide application in high-temperature fields such as Si/SiC semiconductor crystal growth, ion implantation, metal smelting for semiconductors, and instrument analysis. It ensures stability, longevity, and enhanced performance of graphite components in these processes. Choose VeTek Semiconductor's PyC coating to improve the high-temperature performance, extend component lifespan, and enhance overall product quality.

Pyrolytic Carbon ( PyC ) Coating Parameter

Pyrolytic Carbon ( PyC ) Coating Parameter
Typical Performance Unit Specification
Crystal Structure Hexagonal
Alignment Oriented or non-oriented along 001 direction
Bulk Density g/cm3 ~2.24
Microstructure Polycrystalline/Multilayer graphene
Hardness GPa 1.1
Elastic Modulus GPa 10
Typical Thickness um 30-100
Surface Roughness um 1.5
Product Purity ppm ≤5ppm

Pyrolytic carbon coating effect under a 500X microscope, with intact and sealed surface.

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