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VeTek Semiconductor focuses on the manufacturing of Silicon Nitride and has a research and development team composed of senior experts and top technical talents. Silicon nitride ceramics have the advantages of hardness, heat resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance of general ceramic materials, and have the advantages of good thermal shock resistance, high temperature creep resistance, good self-lubrication, and good chemical stability, and are widely used in new energy, chemical industry, aerospace and semiconductor fields.

The Silicon Nitride materials of VeTek Semiconductor has following prominent advantages:

1. Excellent chemical stability

Silicon nitride ceramics have excellent chemical stability and can withstand a variety of strong acids, alkalis and corrosive gases. In the semiconductor manufacturing process often need to deal with corrosive chemicals, Silicon nitride ceramics can provide long-term stable performance guarantee.

2. Excellent mechanical properties

Silicon nitride ceramics have high hardness, excellent compressive strength and wear resistance, able to withstand mechanical stress and surface wear, not easy to deformation or rupture. This mechanical property makes it very suitable as a material for structural and process parts in semiconductor equipment.

3. High-temperature stability

Silicon nitride ceramics can maintain stability in high-temperature environments, not easy to soften or melt, and can withstand high-temperature processing and handling in the semiconductor manufacturing process. This allows it to be used in the manufacture of high-temperature process equipment key components, such as grippers, reaction chamber components and so on.

4. Excellent insulating properties

Insulating properties are critical in semiconductor device manufacturing. Silicon nitride ceramics have good insulating properties, which can effectively isolate and protect circuit components from current leakage or electromagnetic interference, helping to improve the stability and reliability of the device.

5. Thermal conductivity and thermal conductivity

Silicon nitride ceramics have a high thermal conductivity, can effectively conduct and dissipate the heat generated by the device, helping to maintain the temperature stability of the device in the operating process. This is critical to the high-performance operation of semiconductor devices.

The applications of VeTek Semiconductor's Silicon Nitride materials in the solar and semiconductor industries mainly include:

1. Electrostatic chucks and etching chamber components

Silicon nitride ceramics are often used as materials for electrostatic chucks and etching chamber components in semiconductor manufacturing because of their excellent chemical stability and high temperature resistance. Electrostatic chucks are used to fix and stabilize wafers or substrates, while etching chamber components are used to withstand corrosive gases and high-temperature environments.

2. gas distribution plates and reflectors

Silicon nitride ceramics are also used in the manufacture of semiconductor equipment in the gas distribution plates and reflectors. Gas distribution plates are used to uniformly distribute reactive or protective gases into the reaction chamber, while reflectors are used to optimize the distribution and reflection of light within the reaction chamber to improve reaction efficiency and uniformity.

3. Holders and thermal components

Silicon nitride ceramics are often used as holders and thermal management components in semiconductor manufacturing equipment. These components need to have good mechanical strength, wear resistance and thermal conductivity to ensure stable equipment operation and device processing accuracy.

4. Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) pads

Silicon Nitride ceramic is widely used as a pad material in the Chemical Mechanical Polishing (CMP) process. It has excellent flatness and wear resistance, and can provide stable support during the polishing process to ensure the flatness and precision of the semiconductor wafer surface.

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