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Siliconized graphite is a multiphase composite material composed of silicon carbide, graphite, and free silicon. It boasts excellent properties such as electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, self-lubrication, corrosion resistance, high-temperature resistance, oxidation resistance, thermal shock resistance, and high hardness. These attributes make it widely applicable in industrial sectors and high-tech fields, offering significant economic benefits. Utilizing modern equipment and custom silicon infiltration crucibles, siliconized graphite is produced via the liquid silicon infiltration method, yielding outstanding performance. Its main performance indicators include: compressive strength of 319 MPa, flexural strength of 151 MPa, tensile strength of 60.1 MPa, hardness (Hv) of 7892 kg/mm², temperature resistance in air >1500℃, thermal expansion coefficient of 4.41×10⁻⁶/℃, and an open porosity of 0.035%.

Major Application Areas of Siliconized Graphite

Biomedical Materials

Siliconized graphite is successfully used as a material for artificial heart valves, one of its most prominent applications in the biomedical field. Artificial heart valves open and close approximately forty million times annually, thus requiring materials that are not only thrombosis-resistant but also possess excellent wear resistance.

Electronics Industry

In the electronics industry, siliconized graphite is primarily used for heat treatment fixtures and metal silicon wafe EPI growth receptors. These fixtures demand good thermal conductivity, strong shock resistance, stability at high temperatures, and minimal dimensional changes. Siliconized graphite significantly enhances the lifespan and quality of these fixtures compared to high-purity graphite.

Sliding Friction Materials

The largest application area for siliconized graphite is in the production of sliding friction materials. These materials must exhibit heat resistance, shock resistance, high thermal conductivity, and low thermal expansion to efficiently dissipate frictional heat. Additionally, they require a low friction coefficient and high wear resistance. As an excellent sealing material, siliconized graphite improves the friction parameters of sealing materials, extends their service life, and broadens their application range.

High-Temperature Materials

Siliconized graphite has long been used as a high-temperature material. It finds extensive applications in areas requiring high strength and strong shock resistance, such as continuous casting molds, drawing die nozzles, and hot pressing molds.

Siliconized graphite, with its superior performance and diverse application prospects, demonstrates immense potential and value across various high-performance demand fields.

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