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VeTek Semiconductor is a professional manufacturer specializing in semiconductor quartz products, boasting extensive industry experience and strong technical capabilities. We are dedicated to providing customers with high-quality and high-performance semiconductor quartz, including quartz rods, quartz tubes, quartz crucibles, and quartz boats, to meet their application needs in semiconductor manufacturing, photovoltaic power generation, and fiber optic communication, etc.

Product advantages:

High purity: Our semiconductor quartz products use high-purity quartz sand as raw material, and after strict purification and processing technology, the product purity reaches 99.99% or above, with extremely low impurity content, ensuring the stability and reliability of the product.

High precision: Our quartz products have precise dimensions, smooth surfaces, and can be customized according to customer needs to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

High heat resistance: Our quartz products have excellent heat resistance and can maintain good stability in high-temperature environments, meeting the needs of high-temperature processes such as semiconductor manufacturing.

High transmittance: Our quartz products have high transmittance and can be used in fields such as fiber optic communication and photovoltaic power generation to ensure signal transmission stability and photoelectric conversion efficiency.

Product application in Semiconductor manufacturing:

1. Quartz rod:

Wafer manufacturing: As the raw material for manufacturing silicon wafers, it is processed into silicon wafers through processes such as drawing and polishing.

2. Quartz tube:

Semiconductor equipment: As the structural material of semiconductor equipment, such as diffusion furnaces, etching machines, reaction chambers of CVD equipment, etc.

3. Quartz crucible:

Semiconductor material growth: used as a container for growing semiconductor materials such as silicon single crystals and sapphire crystals.

4. Quartz boat:

Semiconductor device manufacturing: As a container for heat treated semiconductor devices, such as diffusion, annealing, and other processes.

5. Other quartz products:

Quartz wafer: a mask used for manufacturing semiconductor devices.

Quartz window: used as an observation window for semiconductor equipment and optical instruments.

Quartz fiber: used to enhance the strength of composite materials, etc.

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Fused Quartz Crucibles

Fused Quartz Crucibles

VeTek Semiconductor provides cutting-edge Fused Quartz Crucibles for semiconductor processing. These crucibles are made from high-quality semiconductor-grade quartz, offering excellent thermal resistance and chemical stability. They can withstand extreme high-temperature conditions while maintaining precision and consistency. VeTek Semiconductor is your trusted long-term partner in China for semiconductor processing.

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As a professional Semiconductor Quartz manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory. Whether you need customized services to meet the specific needs of your region or want to buy advanced and durable Semiconductor Quartz made in China, you can leave us a message.
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