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VeTek Semiconductor provide RTA/RTP Process wafer carrier,made of high purity graphite and SiC coating with impurity below 5ppm.

Rapid annealing furnace is a kind of equipment for material annealing treatment and RTA/RTP Process, by controlling the heating and cooling process of the material, it can improve the crystalline structure of the material, reduce the internal stress, and improve the mechanical and physical properties of the material. One of the core components in the chamber of the fast annealing furnace is the wafer carrier/wafer susceptor for loading wafers. As a wafer heater in the process chamber, this carrier plate plays an important role in the rapid heating and temperature equalization treatment.

The silicon carbide, aluminum nitride and graphite silicon carbide are available materials for the fast annealing furnace, and the main choice on the market is graphite and silicon carbide coating as materials. The following are the features and excellent performance of VeTek Semiconductor SiC coated RTA RTP process wafer carrier:

-High Temperature Stability: The SiC coating exhibits outstanding high-temperature stability, ensuring the integrity of the structure and mechanical strength even at extreme temperatures. This capability makes it highly suitable for demanding heat treatment processes.

-Excellent Thermal Conductivity: The SiC coating layer possesses exceptional thermal conductivity, enabling rapid and uniform heat distribution. This translates to faster heat processing, significantly reducing heating time and enhancing overall productivity. By improving heat transfer efficiency, it contributes to higher production efficiency and superior product quality.

-Chemical Inertness: The inherent chemical inertness of silicon carbide provides excellent resistance to corrosion from various chemicals. Our carbon-coated silicon carbide wafer carrier can operate reliably in diverse chemical environments without contaminating or damaging the wafers.

-Surface Flatness: The CVD silicon carbide layer ensures a highly flat and smooth surface, guaranteeing stable contact with the wafers during the thermal processing. This eliminates the introduction of additional surface defects, ensuring optimal processing results.

-Lightweight and High Strength: Our SiC coated RTP wafer carrier is lightweight yet possesses remarkable strength. This characteristic facilitates convenient and reliable loading and unloading of wafers.

How to use RTA RTP Process wafer carrier

VeTek Semiconductor's SiC coating wafer susceptor & susceptor cover

RTA RTP susceptor RTA RTP wafer carrier RTP tray (for RTA rapid heating treatment) RTP tray (for RTA rapid heating treatment) RTP Susceptor RTP Wafer Support Tray

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Rapid Thermal Annealing Susceptor

Rapid Thermal Annealing Susceptor

VeTek Semiconductor is a leading Rapid Thermal Annealing Susceptor manufacturer and innovator in China.We have been specialized in SiC coating material for many years.We offer Rapid Thermal Annealing Susceptor with high quality,high temperature resistance,super thin.We welcome you to visit our factory in China.

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As a professional RTA/RTP Process manufacturer and supplier in China, we have our own factory. Whether you need customized services to meet the specific needs of your region or want to buy advanced and durable RTA/RTP Process made in China, you can leave us a message.
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