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SiC Coated ICP Etching Carrier
  • SiC Coated ICP Etching CarrierSiC Coated ICP Etching Carrier

SiC Coated ICP Etching Carrier

VeTek Semiconductor's SiC Coated ICP Etching Carrier is designed for the most demanding epitaxy equipment applications. Made of high-quality ultra-pure graphite material, our SiC Coated ICP Etching Carrier has a highly flat surface and excellent corrosion resistance to withstand the harsh conditions during handling. The high thermal conductivity of the SiC coated carrier ensures even heat distribution for excellent etching results. VeTek Semiconductor looks forward to building a long-term partnership with you.

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Product Description

With years of experience in production SiC Coated ICP Etching Carrier,VeTek Semiconductor can supply a wide range of SiC coated or TaC coated spare parts for semiconductor industry. In addition to the product list below, you can also customize your own unique SiC coated or TaC coated parts according to your specific needs.Welcome to inquiry us.

VeTek Semiconductor's SiC Coated ICP Etching Carrier, also known as ICP carriers, PSS carriers, RTP carriers, or RTP carriers, are important components used in a variety of applications in the semiconductor industry. Silicon carbide coated graphite is the primary material used to manufacture these current carriers. It has high thermal conductivity, more than 10 times the thermal conductivity of sapphire substrate. This property, combined with its high roller electric field strength and maximum current density, has prompted the exploration of silicon carbide as a potential replacement for silicon in a variety of applications, particularly in semiconductor high-power components. SiC current carrier plates have high thermal conductivity, making them ideal for LED manufacturing processes. They ensure efficient heat dissipation and provide excellent electrical conductivity, contributing to the production of high-power leds. In addition, these carrier plates have excellent plasma resistance and long service life, ensuring reliable performance and life in the demanding semiconductor manufacturing environment.

Product parameter of the SiC Coated ICP Etching Carrier:

Basic physical properties of CVD SiC coating
Property Typical Value
Crystal Structure FCC β phase polycrystalline, mainly (111) oriented
Density 3.21 g/cm³
Hardness 2500 Vickers hardness(500g load)
Grain SiZe 2~10μm
Chemical Purity 99.99995%
Heat Capacity 640 J·kg-1·K-1
Sublimation Temperature 2700℃
Flexural Strength 415 MPa RT 4-point
Young' s Modulus 430 Gpa 4pt bend, 1300℃
Thermal Conductivity 300W·m-1·K-1
Thermal Expansion(CTE) 4.5×10-6K-1

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Overview of the semiconductor chip epitaxy industry chain:

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