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Solid SiC Gas Shower Head

Solid SiC Gas Shower Head

VeTek Semiconductor is a leading Solid SiC Gas Shower Head manufacturer and innovator in China.We have been specialized in semiconductor material for many years.VeTek Semiconductor Solid SiC Gas Shower Head’s multi-porosity design ensures that the heat generated in the CVD process can be dispersed, ensuring that the substrate is heated evenly.We look forward to setting up long-term with you in China.

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Product Description

Solid SiC Gas Shower Head

VeTek Semiconductor is an integrated company dedicated to research, production, and sales. With over 20 years of experience, our team specializes in SiC, TaC coatings, and CVD Solid SiC. Welcome to buy from us Solid SiC Gas Shower Head.

VeTek Semiconductor Solid SiC Gas Shower Head are commonly used to evenly distribute precursor gases onto the substrate surface during semiconductor CVD processes. Using CVD-SiC material for shower heads offers several advantages. Its high thermal conductivity helps dissipate heat generated in the CVD process, ensuring uniform temperature distribution on the substrate. Additionally, Solid SiC Gas Shower Head's chemical stability enables it to withstand corrosive gases and harsh environments commonly encountered in CVD processes. The design of CVD-SiC shower heads can be tailored to specific CVD systems and process requirements. However, they typically consist of a plate or disk-shaped component with a series of precision-drilled holes or slots. The hole pattern and geometry are carefully designed to ensure uniform gas distribution and flow velocity over the substrate surface.

Physical Properties of Solid SiC

Physical properties of Solid SiC
Density 3.21 g/cm3
Electricity Resistivity 102 Ω/cm
Flexural Strength 590 MPa (6000kgf/cm2)
Young's Modulus 450 GPa (6000kgf/mm2)
Vickers Hardness 26 GPa (2650kgf/mm2)
C.T.E.(RT-1000℃) 4.0 x10-6/K
Thermal Conductivity(RT) 250 W/mK

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