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TaC Coated Guide Ring

VeTek Semiconductor is a leading TaC Coated Guide Ring manufacturer and innovator in China.We have been specialized in ceramic coating for many years.TaC Coated Guide Ring are primarily used to guide and control airflow, enhancing the yield of single crystal growth. Welcome to inquiry us for further information.

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Product Description

High quality TaC Coated Guide Ring is offered by China manufacturer VeTek Semiconductor. Buy TaC Coated Guide Ring which is of high quality directly with low price.

VeTek Semiconductor TaC Coated Guide Ring Performance and Features:

High temperature resistance, high density, and high compactness; excellent corrosion resistance.

High purity with impurity content <5PPM.

Chemically inert to ammonia and hydrogen gases at high temperatures; excellent thermal stability.

VeTek Semiconductor TaC Coated Guide Ring Performance and Features:

Crystal growth.

Silicon carbide epitaxial reactors.

Gas turbine blades.

High-temperature and oxidation-resistant nozzles.

Product Description:

TaC coating is a next-generation high-temperature material that exhibits superior thermal stability compared to SiC. It serves as a corrosion-resistant, oxidation-resistant, and wear-resistant coating, capable of withstanding environments above 2000°C. Widely used in aerospace for ultra-high-temperature components, as well as in the third-generation semiconductor single crystal growth and other fields.

Besides TaC coated graphite tube, VeTek Semiconductor also supplies TaC coated rings, TaC coated crucible, TaC coated porous graphite, TaC coated graphite susceptor, TaC coated guide ring, TaC Tantalum Carbide coated plate, TaC Coating Ring, TaC coating graphite cover, TaC coated chunk for crystal growth furnace like below:

PVT method SiC Crystal Growth

Product parameter of the TaC Coated Guide Ring

Physical properties of TaC coating
Density 14.3 (g/cm³)
Specific emissivity 0.3
Thermal expansion coefficient 6.3 10-6/K
Hardness (HK) 2000 HK
Resistance 1×10-5 Ohm*cm
Thermal stability <2500℃
Graphite size changes -10~-20um
Coating thickness ≥20um typical value (35um±10um)

VeTek Semiconductor Production Shop

Overview of the semiconductor chip epitaxy industry chain:

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