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TaC Coated Deflector Ring
  • TaC Coated Deflector RingTaC Coated Deflector Ring
  • TaC Coated Deflector RingTaC Coated Deflector Ring

TaC Coated Deflector Ring

VeTek Semiconductor's TaC Coated Deflector Ring is a highly specialized component designed for SiC crystal growth processes. The TaC coating provides excellent high temperature resistance and chemical inertness to cope with the high temperatures and corrosive environments during crystal growth process. This ensures stable performance and long life of the component, reducing the frequency of replacement and downtime. We are committed to providing quality products at competitive prices and look forward to being your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

VeTek Semiconductor is a professional China TaC Coated Deflector Ring manufacturer and supplier.Our TaC Coated Deflector Ring are highly specialized components designed for use in SiC crystal growth processes. These components are critical in environments that require high temperature resistance, exceptional durability, and unmatched chemical inertness.

TaC Coated Deflector Ring are manufactured from high purity Tantalum Carbide, which offers excellent thermal conductivity and extreme resistance to high temperatures and thermal shock. The component's TaC coating provides an additional layer of protection against the aggressive chemicals and harsh environments common in crystal growth. The presence of the coating increases the durability and life of the component, maintaining consistent performance over multiple cycles.

TaC Coated Deflector Ring can withstand temperatures up to 2200°C, making it ideal for high temperature processes.TaC Coated Deflector Ring are primarily used in the semiconductor industry, specifically for crystal growth of silicon carbide. Suitable for both research and industrial scale crystal growth reactors.

Product parameter of the TaC Coated Deflector Ring

Physical properties of TaC coating
Density 14.3 (g/cm³)
Specific emissivity 0.3
Thermal expansion coefficient 6.3 10-6/K
Hardness (HK) 2000 HK
Resistance 1×10-5 Ohm*cm
Thermal stability <2500℃
Graphite size changes -10~-20um
Coating thickness ≥20um typical value (35um±10um)

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