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Tantalum Carbide Coated Chuck
  • Tantalum Carbide Coated ChuckTantalum Carbide Coated Chuck

Tantalum Carbide Coated Chuck

VeTek Semiconductor is a leading Tantalum Carbide Coated Chuck manufacturer and innovator in China.We have been specialized in TaC coating for many years.Our products have a high purity and high temperature resistance up to 2000℃.We look forward to becoming your long-term partner in China.

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Product Description

VeTek Semiconductor supply high quality Tantalum Carbide Coated Chuck, SiC coating parts with competitive price.Welcome to inquiry us.VeTek Semiconductor Tantalum Carbide Coated Chuck, specifically designed for the AIXTRON G10 MOCVD system. This accessory enhances efficiency and quality in semiconductor manufacturing, delivering outstanding performance and reliability.

Crafted from high-quality materials and manufactured with precision, the chuck features a graphite substrate coated with CVD tantalum carbide (TaC). This coating provides excellent thermal stability, high purity, and resistance to high temperatures. It ensures reliable performance in the demanding conditions of MOCVD processes.

The chuck is customizable to accommodate different semiconductor wafer sizes, making it suitable for various production requirements. Its robust construction minimizes downtime and maintenance costs associated with wafer carriers and susceptors.

With the VeTek Semiconductor Tantalum Carbide Coated Chuck, the AIXTRON G10 MOCVD system achieves higher efficiency and superior results in semiconductor manufacturing. Its exceptional thermal stability, compatibility with different wafer sizes, and reliable performance make it an essential tool for optimizing production efficiency and achieving outstanding outcomes in the challenging MOCVD environment.

Product parameter of the Tantalum Carbide Coated Chuck

Physical properties of TaC coating
Density 14.3 (g/cm³)
Specific emissivity 0.3
Thermal expansion coefficient 6.3 10-6/K
Hardness (HK) 2000 HK
Resistance 1×10-5 Ohm*cm
Thermal stability <2500℃
Graphite size changes -10~-20um
Coating thickness ≥20um typical value (35um±10um)

Wafer performance after using our components:

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Overview of the semiconductor chip epitaxy industry chain:

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