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GaN Epitaxial Graphite Susceptor for G5
  • GaN Epitaxial Graphite Susceptor for G5GaN Epitaxial Graphite Susceptor for G5
  • GaN Epitaxial Graphite Susceptor for G5GaN Epitaxial Graphite Susceptor for G5

GaN Epitaxial Graphite Susceptor for G5

VeTek Semiconductor is a professional manufacturer and supplier, dedicated to providing high-quality GaN Epitaxial Graphite susceptor For G5. we have established long-term and stable partnerships with numerous well-known companies at home and abroad, earning the trust and respect of our customers.

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Product Description

VeTek Semiconductor is a professional China GaN Epitaxial Graphite susceptor For G5 manufacturer and supplier. The GaN Epitaxial Graphite susceptor For G5 is a critical component used in the Aixtron G5 metal-organic chemical vapor deposition (MOCVD) system for the growth of high-quality gallium nitride (GaN) thin films,it plays a crucial role in ensuring uniform temperature distribution, efficient heat transfer, and minimal contamination during the growth process.

Key Features of VeTek Semiconductor GaN Epitaxial Graphite susceptor For G5:

-High purity: The susceptor is made from highly pure graphite with CVD coating, minimizing contamination of the growing GaN films.

-Excellent thermal conductivity: Graphite's high thermal conductivity (150-300 W/(m·K)) ensures uniform temperature distribution across the susceptor, leading to consistent GaN film growth.

-Low thermal expansion: The susceptor's low thermal expansion coefficient minimizes thermal stress and cracking during the high-temperature growth process.

-Chemical inertness: Graphite is chemically inert and does not react with the GaN precursors, preventing unwanted impurities in the grown films.

-Compatibility with Aixtron G5: The susceptor is specifically designed for use in the Aixtron G5 MOCVD system, ensuring proper fit and functionality.


High-brightness LEDs: GaN-based LEDs offer high efficiency and long lifespan, making them ideal for general lighting, automotive lighting, and display applications.

High-power transistors: GaN transistors offer superior performance in terms of power density, efficiency, and switching speed, making them suitable for power electronics applications.

Laser diodes: GaN-based laser diodes offer high efficiency and short wavelengths, making them ideal for optical storage and communication applications.

Product parameter of the GaN Epitaxial Graphite Susceptor for G5

Physical properties of isostatic graphite
Property Unit Typical Value
Bulk Density g/cm³ 1.83
Hardness HSD 58
Electrical Resistivity μΩ.m 10
Flexural Strength MPa 47
Compressive Strength MPa 103
Tensile Strength MPa 31
Young' s Modulus GPa 11.8
Thermal Expansion(CTE) 10-6K-1 4.6
Thermal Conductivity W·m-1·K-1 130
Average Grain Size μm 8-10
Porosity % 10
Ash Content ppm ≤10 (after purified)

Note: Before coating, we will do first purification, after coating, will do second purification.

Basic physical properties of CVD SiC coating
Property Typical Value
Crystal Structure FCC β phase polycrystalline, mainly (111) oriented
Density 3.21 g/cm³
Hardness 2500 Vickers hardness(500g load)
Grain SiZe 2~10μm
Chemical Purity 99.99995%
Heat Capacity 640 J·kg-1·K-1
Sublimation Temperature 2700℃
Flexural Strength 415 MPa RT 4-point
Young' s Modulus 430 Gpa 4pt bend, 1300℃
Thermal Conductivity 300W·m-1·K-1
Thermal Expansion(CTE) 4.5×10-6K-1

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